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The Great Race Place Expo at Santa Anita Park and Race Day Festival Terms and Conditions

  1. Vendors submitting written notices of cancellation to the Pasadena Marathon on or before April 2, 2012, will receive a refund of 50% of full booth payment if paid in full. No refund will be issued if notice of cancellation is received after this date. 
  2. Payment in full is the only guarantee of a booth. 
  3. I will be billed a $100 cleaning fee if I or my representatives, upon closing of the Expo, leave trash/boxes/debris in my booth space.
  4. Except by written consent of the Pasadena Marathon, I cannot sublet or share my booth space with unauthorized person(s) and/or companies.
  5. My display must occupy my assigned booth space and not encroach into the aisles or other booths.
  6. I am not permitted to utilize any other area in the Race Day Festival to hand out any materials, hang banners, or advertise in any way without the permission of the Race Day Festival Director, the Assistant Race Director, or the Race Director.
  7. I must occupy the booth space assigned to me.  No booth changes will be made on-site.  Failure to comply with this condition may result in being escorted from the premises, and forfeiting all fees paid.
  8. I must staff my booth continuously during the hours the Expo or Race Day Festival is open to the public.
  9. I grant the rights to use photographs of the exhibit to the Pasadena Marathon for its own purposes.
  10. All materials in my booth must meet stringent City of Pasadena Fire Department regulations, including, but not limited to, fire retardant banners (must have seal) and no open flames.
  11. The Pasadena Marathon reserves the right to reject any exhibit which it deems is not in keeping with the theme of the Expo or Race Day Festival.
  12. In the event that, due to war, fire, strike, government regulation, public catastrophe, severe weather, or other cause, the Expo, Race Day Festival, or any part thereof is prevented from being held, the Pasadena Marathon shall determine to refund the proportionate share of unused funds, or offer free booth space at the next Pasadena Marathon.  Either remedy will not be subject to challenge, and will be made at the sole discretion of the Pasadena Marathon.
  13. Vendors must obtain a temporary business license from the City of Pasadena if selling product.
  14. Vendors sampling food and/or beverage must obtain a health permit from the City of Pasadena.
  15. I, for myself, my company and representatives, assume all responsibility for loss, theft, or destruction of goods, or for personal injuries to myself, my agents, my employees, my representatives or my visitors and will hold harmless the Pasadena Marathon, the City of Pasadena, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Anita Park, and its affiliates from any and all liability in connection with any and all of the above.
  16. I, for myself and my company and representatives, agree to hold the Pasadena Marathon, the City of Pasadena, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Anita Park, and their owners, agents, employees, affiliates and sponsors, harmless from any claims from, or due to, the acts of myself, my agents and my employees, and/or injury to people and/or property of any nature.

Official Program Terms and Conditions


Payment in full by March 26, 2012, is the only guarantee that the ad will be published in the 2012 Official Program.


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