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Running With History Mile 10


Brookside Golf Club


Running With History Mile 10 – Brookside Golf Club, located between the 210 Freeway and the Rose Bowl Stadium in the Arroyo Seco, is one of Los Angeles County's oldest golf courses and is a significant part of Pasadena's rich sports and recreation history. Brookside followed the creation of several other municipal golf courses in the area, such as the Griffith Park course, built in 1900 and later removed and replaced with a zoo, and the Annandale Golf Club, also located in the Arroyo Seco, which was founded in 1906 and moved in 1926 north of Colorado Boulevard. The Arroyo Seco is a perfect location for a golf course, as it is a versatile recreational hot spot that has been used by recreational enthusiasts for activities such as hiking, horseback riding, swimming and baseball for over 100 years. The club features two 18-hole courses, a clubhouse building, and several smaller buildings.

Brookside's architect William P. Bell was well-known for designing and building golf courses, and had spent time as a young man working as both a caddiemaster and a greenskeeper at various golf clubs. During his first years as an architect, Bell worked closely with prominent golf course designer George C. Thomas, Jr. collaborating on projects such as the Bel-Air, Riviera and various Los Angeles country clubs. The Brookside was one of Bell's first independent commissions and to this day is considered one of his best course designs. Assisting Bell with the design of Brookside was Desmond Muirfield, another prominent golf course architect, who was responsible for coining the phrase "golf course community." Muirfield was one of the first golf course designers to consider the importance of golfer safety on the course and incorporate this theory into the design.

Construction of Brookside took place over a span of 13 years, beginning in 1925. The plans for developing a course in the Arroyo Seco area had been in place since 1918, set within the Arroyo Seco Park Plan, which still guides the boundaries and various uses of the area today. The project encountered several false starts due to a lack of adequate funding, but after acquiring money from the Chamber of Commerce, construction of the first nine holes was finally under way. The Number One course was completed and opened in 1928, with additional funding from the Municipal Light and Power Department. The smaller, second course was funded by a public employees union and was completed in 1938, after enduring damages from a flood. The Number One course remains mostly unchanged from its original design, while the Number Two course received some slight modifications in 1967, namely the addition of a lake to the #6 fairway. The original clubhouse was designed by Hunt & Chambers, but was replaced by William Randolph's design in 1967. The only other original feature that has been removed is the Brookside Plunge, which is now the site of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center, which opened in 1989. Also included in the original design is the small building at the top of both courses, two concession stands and drinking fountains.


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