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48   Pasadena Pacers  
41   German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County  
34   Kidspace  

Updated on May 6, 2013


Check Your Team

Read on to learn why now is the best time for you and your pals to register as a 2013 Pasadena Marathon Team!

What constitutes a team? Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Supporters of a nonprofit organization, company employees, members of your church, friends, family, classmates, poker buddies—you get the picture—anyone can form a team and any group can be a team!

Why should we form a team? In addition to the camaraderie you’ll build by working toward a common goal, teams are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • With 15 or more people registered under your team name, we’ll place your team logo and link on the Pasadena Marathon website through June 2013.  Note that individuals need to register for your team when they register for the event.  We will not be able to add them to your team at a later time, so please ensure that you create your team, and that you let your participants know your team name before they register.
  • With 15 or more people registered under your team representing a nonprofit organization, the Pasadena Marathon will donate 15% of your team’s total registration fees to your nonprofit organization. Please note that a copy of the organization’s IRS Letter of Determination will be required as proof of nonprofit status. Contributions will be calculated after Race Day, and checks will be issued to nonprofit organizations 90-120 days following the event.
  • With 30 or more people registered under your team name, a tent will be provided at the Finish Line Festival on Race Day for your team.
    We must know if your team of 30+ registered members will be taking advantage of this offer by June 1, 2013. Once your team numbers 30+, please download the Teams Form, complete the Contact Information and Section B, and get it back to us by June 1, 2013. Write your team name on the top of the form. Additionally, make a note as to whether you will be bringing your own team pop-up (measuring no larger than 10' x 10') or you would like for us to provide the standard rental pop-up. You do not need to include payment unless you are ordering supplementals, such as power, or extra tables and chairs.
  • The top three “Most Populated” teams (teams with the greatest number of registered participants) will be featured in the 2013 Pasadena Marathon Official Program. Please note that in order for us to meet publication deadlines, the cut off date for teams vying for this title is May 15, 2013.

How do we get our team registered? Once you and a few others decide to go for it, the Team Captain (who is either your group’s natural born leader or most gullible member), will establish your team when initiating his or her own online registration. Here’s how:

  1. Click on Register Now
  2. As Team Captain, you will create your team during your own registration. Select the category you want to participant in to get started.
  3. Follow the prompts for login and complete your registration
  4. Select to register “Yourself”. Team Captains must register under their account to create a team, which allows you to return to the Team Center and manage your team.
  5. Under Team Information section on the registration form, select “Create a Team”
  6. Enter Team Name, optional description, and select whether to password protect your team.
  7. Make note of the name you assign to your team, as well as the password if you choose to assign a password to your team. If you are representing a nonprofit organization, make sure your team’s name is the name of the organization.
  8. Submit your registration. If you are registering other teammates, you may select “Add another Registration” and register them to your team first.
  9. Pass on registration instructions to your teammates. They’ll just need to go to pasadenamarathon.org and click on “Register Now” on the homepage. They’ll simply follow the prompts, making sure to select Join a Team and select your team name from the list of teams, and supplying the password if necessary.
  10. Even though you’re a team, you’re probably comprised of individuals with varying interests and abilities. You do not all have to participate in the same event—teams may participate in one single event or any combination of events.
  11. Once your team representing a nonprofit organization has 15 registered members, please email a copy of the IRS Letter of Determination to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Place “LOD” and your organization’s name in the subject line.  Please include the team name, and contact information for the team captain as well as contact information for the nonprofit organization’s executive director.  If we already have your Letter of Determination, then all we need is your organization’s full name, and contact information.
  12. Login at any time to https://myevents.active.com to view team members or email your team.
  13. Register today, then get out there and have fun with your team!



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